Tarot Master



Elaine Ireland

Welcome and thank you for the energy and support. My name is Elaine Ireland. I have been working in the spirit world through tarot for over 60 years. I started public reading at age seventeen using a deck that belonged to my grandmother in exchange for sweets made of fudge. I have come a long way since then hosting two radio shows, making television appearances, and asked to participate in psychic panels at multiple conferences. I have also had the honor of working with families and legal authorities to locate missing loved ones.

 Spirit has taken me across the nation and offered many opportunities to meet many wonderful readers, vendors, and sitters with an enormous range of interests and talents. I have mentored and taught tarot for over 40 years and been honored to watch some of these students grow into wonderful practitioners.

One of my most favorite things to do is to officiate marriage ceremonies. From recommitment services for already married couples to same sex couples that can now legally share their love to the world.